Need To Move An Application To The Cloud? No Worries.

Moving an application to the Cloud is a walk in the park. Sometimes.

Most of the time, legacy and heritage applications can be complex to migrate. Many applications will require re-engineering or re-tooling in order to be effective in the cloud. Some will need re-work simply to run in the cloud.

Even modern applications (if not designed and built for cloud operations) can take some serious tweaking to enable smooth running in the cloud.

We’re experienced, adept even, in understanding how to move applications from your datacentre into Azure. We’ve got the skills, the tools and the tricks to make even the gnarliest of applications purr like a kitten in the cloud.

Application Migration Services

Ready to migrate an application or two into the Cloud?  This is it!

extaCode Application Migration provides a number of services aimed at getting you to the Cloud faster, cost-effectively and with minimum disruption.

Our services include:

  • Code analysis
  • Runtime and execution testing
  • Azure workload performance testing
  • Security and penetration testing


“…we’ll tell it to you straight; how we’ll do it, how long it will take & how much it will cost…”